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Self-Care Sunday Favorites

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Self-Care Sunday Favorites

farmhouse fresh bath soak

This year has undoubtedly brought much more time at home for everyone. The importance of building routines to keep the days from running together has become increasingly important for me! I find I’m taking more time with everyday tasks, especially my nightly and morning skincare routines. I’ve had the opportunity to try even more of our Farmhouse Fresh skincare line, and am excited to share my favorites with you!

Farmhouse Fresh is a spa-level, professional skin care line. They use certified organic or 100% naturally derived ingredients from fruits, vegetables, milks and more from U.S. farms – including their own, which also boasts an animal sanctuary. Each item from FHF can be tracked to it’s batch AND the animal it helped rescue. Grab your nearest product and check it out here!

Quality skincare products is a an area that was lacking in Pittsburg, and we are so proud to be able to fill that void with these U.S. made products that do good in the world and (especially) for your skin. Here are my faves!

Green Tea Milk Wash

I’ve never had a “favorite” face wash until now. Most times, my face gets irritated or dries out from overuse. This cleanser is so gentle and soothes skin. Plus, it removes even the most stubborn leftover makeup! A great follow up to one of our all-time favorite products.

Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer

A follow-up to cleansing is a great moisturizer. This one is creamy and hydrating, and great for normal to dry skin. I love the matte finish – works great as a makeup primer!
If you’ve got oily or combination skin, check out our Kale Water Moisturizer!

Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil

Forget what you think you know about body oil – Farmhouse Fresh’s is the BEST. Non-greasy, super lightweight, and ultra-moisturizing. I get dry skin on my arms and apply this right after showering to soothe hot spots. The Vanilla Bourbon scent is ultra delicious and sensual.

Sugar Lip Polish

It’s nearly chapped lips season, and this is a lifesaver. Sugar gently buffs dry skin away and leaves lips kissably smooth. Follow up with hydrating lip balm and your lips are protected from the worst of elements!

Honey Lavender Body Scrub

This jar is never ending goodness. Perfect for exfoliating skin when you’re using Desert Bronze or Bronze Fox. Scent is a warm, soft lavender smell with a sweet honey touch. Vitamin E oils soften skin while sea salt scrubs skin smooth.

Between all of us at Audacious, we’ve tried nearly every FHF product in store and are always so excited for new launches (which, several are coming for holiday!) We’re happy to help you find the products that makes you feel your boldest.

P.S. need a cleansing brush that also doubles as your one-and-done makeup brush? Check out the Yubi!

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