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Abby’s Quarantine Picks!


Abby’s Quarantine Picks!

Like everyone, we’ve been restless and ready for things to re-open! But, keeping our families, friends, and community safe is of the utmost importance, so we are doing whatever it takes to flatten the curve while keeping our sanity!

Abby’s List:

Hey guys, it’s Abby! Like many of you, I’m trying to get through this life changing experience one day at a time.  Have I had days where I don’t feel like doing anything at all? Absolutely!  And that’s ok. I thought I’d share some tips & tricks that I’ve been doing to keep busy.

  • Keeping it cute & casual: If you know me at all I LOVE everything about fashion. Not being able to actually be at work and have a reason to put all my cute clothes on everyday sucks. So I have made a point to purchase all the cute graphic tees I can find! My recent purchase is from some of our fave girls over in Iola! — During this time it is so very important to support your local small business friends.
  • Clean,Clean,Clean: Spring cleaning hit a little different this year! I have purged every little corner of our house, organizing, disinfecting (EVERYTHING), mopping, and garage clean-out!  If there is some cleaning advice I could give you it is to purchase all of the Clorox Scentiva items! They smell absolutely amazing! — The next item I would recommend would be the Capri Blue Volcano Candle. I can’t be the only one to consider candles as a cleaning product, right? I mean they make your house smell so good. Capri Blue Volcano is my all time favorite scent that we carry at Audacious. It has a light energizing blend of exotic citrus and sugary notes. It really is the perfect Scent for spring!
  • GET OUTSIDE!! Be outdoors as much as you can! It’s so amazing what a little fresh air can do. Yard work is fun, but it’s work… My newest hobby is bike riding since shopping doesn’t burn calories from the couch! It’s not super easy with my toddler but it’s so much fun. It’s a reason to get out of the house, and practice social distancing while getting exercise and making memories! 

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