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Welcome to our new site!


Welcome to our new site!

We hope you are well.

When we planned to launch a website, the goal was for it to be a platform for Audacious friends & fam to shop from miles away. People who couldn’t physically visit our store would be able to shop online in a streamlined way and get to experience Audacious from their own homes. It was a launch pad from which we could try new things.

Like many small businesses, we’ve been forced to shift the way we bring Audacious to you. We thrive on the interactions we have with our customers, and it’s been tough being separated from you. We’re learning how to engage with you in virtual ways – through our social media, our live videos, sharing new products with you. This new version of our website allows us to add a BLOG! – something Abby (and I) have been really looking forward to.

I don’t consider myself a website developer, but when you’re a small business you wear many hats. I hope you like the layout, the feel, and that it feels a little more “homey.” The old “site” is still in tact and the store functions in the same way, and if you’ve shopped with us before your gift cards and previous history is safe.

Thank you. If you’ve purchased something from a live sale, ordered from our website, shared a post, left a comment…just know it is noticed and appreciated. We’ll all get through this, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Much love,


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